Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in Orlando, FL at The Spa

Is a Deep Tissue Massage the right massage for me?

A deep tissue massage, like a Swedish massage, applies more pressure and targets muscle tension. It’s named “deep tissue massage” because this massage focuses on the deepest muscle tissue layers and connective tissues surrounding the muscles, called the fascia, to deliver relief:

  1. Breaks down muscle, ligament or tendon adhesions
  2. Restores circulation
  3. Reduces inflammation and pain

If you are new to massage in general, a Swedish massage is a great place to start. This massage is more for relaxation than working out deep kinks or knots in muscles. Your massage therapist will use massage oil and smooth strokes on your muscles during your session. The movements and strokes of a Swedish massage warm up muscle tissue, release tension and gradually break up muscle knots and tightness.

Because the massage focuses on muscles that may already be tender or inflamed, many people may experience discomfort. However, make sure to let your therapist know when the pressure is too much. You can request ice after you massage to help soothe any sore areas.

Deep Tissue Massage Pricing

Deep Tissue Massage Pricing

75 min




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