6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Massage

For most of us, massages do not happen as often as we would like. Here are some insider secrets on how to get the most out of your massages. 

1. Be Consistent 

If you think that one massage each year is gonna fix all of your aches and pains…think again! If you want to prevent any future injuries and maintain muscle health, having a massage once a month is the minimum you need.  It is nearly impossible to address everything in a single 60 minute session.  Your massage therapist will come up with a treatment plan you should add into your long term wellness routine.

2. Do Not Hit Up The buffet 

The last thing you want to do is feel stuffed right before your massage. Lying on a full belly is not enjoyable but your massage also triggers digestion so it’s not a great idea to eat a heavy meal right before your massage.  Your meal should be a few hours prior or a very light snack shortly before your massage is ideal.  Don’t skip eating, you may feel a little light headed or dizzy during the massage.

3. Nakey Nakey

It may seem a bit awkward but remember that your lady or man bits will remain covered at all times.  Massage therapists are trained and experienced in the art of “draping”, which allows them to uncover only the areas they are massaging.  We want you to feel comfortable, so you do not have to remove all of our clothing.  However, undergarments (bra) can sometimes interrupt the flow of a massage stroke so if you’re after the ultimate experience, undressing fully is recommended.

4. Schedule For Ultimate Enjoyment

We often see clients coming and going in a mad dash to fit a million things into their schedule each day.  It often doesn’t seem as if they are getting the most out of their massage or even thoroughly enjoying it.  We propose that you schedule your massage ahead of time rather than trying to squeeze it in between an already crazy schedule.  In a “perfect” world, you want to arrive in a relaxed state of mind and leave feeling even better.  Try not to schedule any stressful meetings right after your massage, we want you to get the full benefit of relaxation. 

5. Pain Is Not Always Your Friend

We promise just because it doesn’t hurt, does not mean that it’s not working.  Some slight tenderness is normal.  The goal is to lightly stretch and release the muscle. This happens more freely when your muscle is relaxed.  If there is too much pressure, the muscle tends to stiffen creating the opposite effect of the objective of the massage.  Don’t hesitate to let your therapist know if something hurts!

6. Speak Up

Please don’t feel as if you will hurt your therapist’s feelings if you ask them to go lighter or deeper or spend more time in a specific area.  They love the feedback, it helps them structure YOUR massage based on what your needs are.  Before you come in, think about what you would like to get out of your massage so that you can discuss it with your therapist during your initial consultation. This is your massage and you should get what you and your body needs.