Make Your Loved One’s Christmas Gift a Relaxing Massage

The holiday season is upon us and we want you to be prepared to give one of the best gifts this year! A massage can be the perfect gift for that special person in your life. It’s a great way to say, “I appreciate you. Here’s a massage, go and treat yourself.” Here at The Spa, there are many different massages to choose from, so we’re sure you can find the right massage for the right person. To get you started, we’ve listed our most popular spa massages offered below:

Swedish Massage: This massage is one of the most popular and relaxing massages. It’s done in long circular strokes, focusing on overly active and tight muscles. This type of massage helps to enhance blood circulation and increase nervous system functions. The Swedish massage is perfect for almost anyone if you aren’t quite sure why type of massage they like.

Deep Tissue Massage: Slightly different from the Swedish massage, a Deep Tissue massage specifically focuses on removing stress and targets areas in the arms, legs and neck. These areas tend to be a little more tight and tense than others, so this massage hones in on muscles that are overly used and stressed than others. Normally a deeper pressure is expected with this massage, hence the name “deep tissue”. This massage would be a perfect gift for your athletic friend or work out buddy.

Aromatherapy Massage: Any massage is truly beneficial, however when combined with essential oils you get a truly relaxing experience. An aromatherapy massage combines both the relaxing elements of a massage and the fragrance of essential oils used to trigger a peaceful and euphoric feeling. This massage would be a perfect gift, especially those that love fragrances.

Hot River Stone Massage: This massage incorporates the use of hot stones which helps to relieve pain and stress. Imagine the hot stones as mini heating pads. This massage can help and relieve tension, arthritis, muscle and joint pain. It provides an additional sensory element to your experience. This is also a perfect gift for almost anyone on your gift list. This massage would match well for someone who wants to try “something new” and go outside of your traditional Swedish or Deep Tissue massage.

Mommy-to-Be (Prenatal) Massage: This massage is designed specifically for women who are expecting. The Spa provides a special pillow that allows space for mommy’s growing belly to make sure she is absolutely comfortable. This massage can be tailored for each person, but it focuses on areas that become problematic while pregnant, specifically the neck and lower back. Of course this massage is a perfect gift for any mommy-to-be on your list!

The Spa offers all of the massages as a “couples massage” and they can even be given on our outside private . If you can’t decide which massage is best, no worries! Purchase a spa gift card and let them choose. Either way, a massage is a perfect gift for the holidays!