The Benefits of Reflexology

Woman getting recreation massage in spa salon - high angle

The Spa Orlando has many services that can help you, and one of those is reflexology. This foot massage started in China and is known to stimulate energy in your entire body. Each part of the foot is associated to a particular area in your body and applying pressure to a particular section of your foot can stimulate energy in your body. So yes, a reflexology massage at The Spa Orlando could be considered a full body massage too. There are many benefits of reflexology, and we’ve highlighted just a few below to let you know the impact of this ancient therapy.

Reduces Stress and Relaxation – One of the most well-known benefits of reflexology is the ability to reduce stress and get your body into a relaxed state. Massaging the different “zones” of the feet and applying firm or gentle pressure can send your body into a relaxed state.

Removes Toxins – Reflexology has also been proven in removing toxins from your body. By increasing the circulation and flow of energy, this massage can stimulate your digestive system as well. An effective reflexology massage can typically leave you needing to urinate after the session or you may experience thirst as toxins are eliminated from your body.

Limits Pain – Another main benefit of reflexology treatment is managing or limiting pain in the body. Many people use reflexology to eliminate any pain. Specifically the massage can help reduce the intensity in migraines and headaches by targeting muscles that trigger these ailments.

The great thing about reflexology treatment is that all people can benefit from it, babies, adults, teenagers and even the elderly. Speak with one of our estheticians about where you are experiencing pain or what symptoms you are having and we can customize a tailored reflexology treatment to help you relax and heal.

What is deep tissue massage?

What is a deep tissue massage? Many of our clients at The Spa ask this question. Very similar to Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage applies more pressure and targets muscle tension. Its named “deep tissue” is because this massage focuses on the deepest muscle tissue layers and the connective tissues surrounding the muscles which is called the fascia.

Deep tissue massage works by breaking down any adhesions in muscles, ligaments or tendons. By removing any adhesions, circulation can be restored which will reduce inflammation and pain. Since the purpose of the massage is to focus on muscles which may already be tender or inflamed, most people may experience discomfort. However, make sure to let your therapist know when the pressure is too much or you can request ice after you massage to help soothe any sore areas.