The Spa’s Half Off Club Rubs Me the Right Way

Orlando Massage—The Spa’s half off club rubs me the right way!

What’s better than a massage Orlando? An Orlando massage at a special price, that’s what!

I’m always looking for ways to feel indulgent without spending a bunch of money — like when I snip some home-grown herbs onto my pasta or do the little nighttime facial routine my friend Diana, a beauty blogger, taught me.

So I was jazzed to learn about The Spa LLC (yep, that’s the whole name), a day spa near Orlando’s trendy Winter Park neighborhood. The Spa offers all the usual beauty treatments, such as Orlando massage, mani-pedis, Orlando facials, waxing and all the rest — plus perks like fancy coffee drinks and a patio for parties.

The Spa LLC offers complimentary comforts like coffee beverages, juices and even wine. — Dalia Colon for VISITFLORIDA

I recently stopped in for an aromatherapy Orlando massage. By the end of the hour, I was putty in the hands of my affable young massage therapist, Sebastian.

It was easy to see why folks returned to The Spa again and again for the best Orlando massage around… and for those who do, there’s a discount.

The Spa’s Half Off Club offers 50 percent off one-hour services, plus freebies like polish changes and sauna use.

With affordable prices, this is the type of indulgence a girl on a budget can get used to.