Wanting to Spend a Day at The Spa? The Big Differences Between Day Spas and Resort Spas

Being located in the Sunshine State, we are notorious for having tourists visit our beaches, resorts, and amusement parks year-round.  We are the hub for snowbirds, and the go-to place for college students looking to have a good time on spring break.

One question we repeatedly encounter at the front desk from tourists alike is, “Are you a resort spa?”  Our answer?  Not quite, we’re a day spa.

From an outsider looking in, there might appear to be a fine line between the two, but our clients and employees could tell you better.

If you were looking to spend a day at the spa, a resort spa would be out to sell you large, and often expensive, packages.  Many of their guests are there visiting for a short amount of time; therefore, resort spas want to hit them heavy while they have the chance.  Resort spas are also known for booking packages for pairs or groups of people, rather than just one individual person.  They run with the idea of selling an experience, rather than the services themselves.

What sets a day spa apart from a resort spa is largely the clientele and the overall attitude of the facility.  Day spas want to create a personable experience for their clients in hopes of making their visit a desired habit.  Day spas often work off of repeat clients, who generally visit their facility alone.  These repeat clients, or “regulars,” are often seeking results, want to accomplish a sense of wellness, need a little “me” time, and above all—relax.

At The Spa we aim to exceed the expectations of clients, both new and returning.  Familiar faces bring our business to new levels through client referrals and long-lasting loyalty.  New clients bring out the best in all of us.  We aim to prove to you, that you have made a wise decision in choosing to spend a day at the spa with us.