Summertime is here, which means it’s waxing season!

Waxing has become a more popular service for both women and men and is offered all over the world. Common services include eyebrow, upper lip and underarm waxing.. However, in recent years, spas have been offering more… intimate waxing services. Since summer is just around the corner, you’ll want to be sure to be stubble-free and looking good in your bathing suit. There are a variety of waxing services that target the hair down there, and which service is right for you depends on how much hair you want to get rid of. The most common of these waxing services are the bikini line and Brazilian waxings. These types of services offer a cleaner, more convenient, longer-lasting hair removal option. For a first-timer, the the bikini line wax may be the less daunting of the two options. This service focuses on the areas that are visible while wearing a swimsuit (the front and sides). A Brazilian wax is going to get rid of everything a bikini line waxing will, as well as much more (think totally bare from the waist through the thighs and everything in between).

The Spa now offers a new Waxing Membership tailored specifically for people who frequently get waxing services. As a waxing member you will receive all waxing services at 50% off of the original price and a free waxing service on the month of your birthday, all for $25 per quarter. A waxing membership is the best way to take advantage of the benefits of waxing. In general, a person who wants to manage hair growth in an area will get a waxing service about once per month. Regular waxing services about this often will result in softer, finer hair growth and, in many cases, hair that grows back very slowly, infrequently or not at all. Someone who wishes to have one bikini line waxing per month would spend $420 per year on bikini line waxings.. With our membership, that cost is reduced by $227.50. That’s a huge amount of savings. For those opting for a Brazilian, which normally costs $60, total savings would be $390 per year. Going bare down there doesn’t have to be scary or expensive. Join The Spa’s Waxing Membership today and save some money while looking and feeling your best in the heat of the summer!