Sports Therapy Massage

Summer is around the corner, which means many of us have been hitting the gym to get our beach bodies ready. All the extra sweating and exertion is definitely a good thing, but it can leave our bodies in need of a little care and attention. A sports massage is an excellent option for those looking to relieve the aches and pains of strenuous physical activity.

Sports massage is a subset of Swedish massage designed to promote the circulation of blood and lymph fluids within muscles and other tissue. Sports massage helps alleviate knots in the muscles, helps reduce soreness after exercise and promotes more rapid healing. So after your extreme workout, basketball winning streak, or even half (or full, take it from Andy and Dylan) marathon, a sports massage is just what your body desires.

If you have any minor injuries, tender knees or any muscle tension, sports massage is an ideal way to get rid of it. Your sports massage therapist can focus on the affected area in order to really work on any issues. Of course, sports massage isn’t only for extreme athletes and people with sports-related injuries, anyone who wants to give their body a tune-up can enjoy a sports massage.

One advantage of sports massage is that there are actually four types of sports massage to address each person’s needs as best as possible. Pre-event sports massage therapy is designed to loosen and prepare the muscles, joints and tendons before the event. Post-event sports massage therapy is advantageous 1 to 2 hours after your event to normalize the body’s tissues. Restorative sport massage therapy is done during a training regimen to help an athlete train harder and push his or her limits while reducing the risk of injury. Rehabilitative sports therapy massage is designed to help the body heal after an injury in order to return the body to full health.

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