Orlando Nail Salons Introduce the Newest Rage for Your Nails: The Spa Welcomes Gel Manicures

orlando woman shows off manicure from the spaYes, there are many Orlando nail salons. However, at The Spa, we like to think we are on the cutting edge of the hottest Orlando nail salon trends.

Australian company Hand and Nail Harmony created a new product that has caused quite a stir in Spas and Orlando Nail Salons alike.  Gelish is a soak-off gel polish that performs like gel, and applies like nail polish.  With vibrant colors to dazzle your phalanges, the product reviews have been nothing but positive.

Gelish is applied over your own nails, a healthier alternative to artificial acrylics or gel sets.  With an ultra quick-dry formula and use of a UV lamp, leave your worries behind about ruining your nails on the way out of our Orlando nail salon within The Spa.

Do you love getting your nails done, but hate the chips that come with it days after your appointment?  With Gelish, your nails last weeks longer.  It’s safe to say that for most people, nail growth will occur before the chipping does.

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The removal of Gelish also different in that it calls for a soak-off treatment, which takes about 10 minutes.  Picking the gel off of your nails is not recommended, as it could damage your real nail.

As mentioned before, with 48 dazzling choices your color options can vary.  The great thing about Gelish though, is that the colors can also be layered, enabling you to create your own custom signature Gelish color.  Layer solid colors, or chose to layer a glitter with a solid, creating your own signature look.  Call The Spa to book your appointment today!