New to The Spa Scene? Let This Be Your Guide to the Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q:  I’ve never had a massage before, what do I wear?
A:  Typically, everything comes off, yet many people do choose to sport their underwear.  Everyone does have their own comfort level though, so do whatever will make you the feel most at ease.

Q:  I don’t usually get my nails done, do I have to bring anything with me?
A:  No you do not!  We have all of the essential tools necessary to perform a relaxing manicure and pedicure for you.  We have over 50 different polish colors to pick from, but you’re always welcome to bring your own too!

Q:  What is a Brazilian Wax?
A:  Everything… And we mean everything… above your thighs and below your hips is waxed, including both the front pelvic area, in between your thighs, and your buttocks.

Q:  What is the difference between a Brazilian Wax and a Bikini Wax?
A:  A Bikini Wax removes hair that could be seen when a female wears bikini bottoms.  A Brazilian Wax does that as well, but also includes everything underneath those teeny-weeny polka-dot bikini bottoms.

Q:  What kind of waxing services do you offer for men?
A:  We can perform any of the waxing services that we provide for females, for men… Plus a few!  Face waxings, neck, back, chest, stomach, arms, legs and Men’s Brazilians.

Q:  How long does my hair have to be to get a Brazilian or Bikini Wax?
A:  Our waxing specialists recommend a ¼ of an inch long.  If your hair is too long, they will likely have to trim it for you in the room, if your hair is too short, they may recommend moving your appointment out a few more days.

Q:  Can I get a facial with a sunburn?
A:  We wouldn’t recommend it for a few reasons.  Depending upon the sensitivity of your skin, it could irritate your skin even more than the sun.  Also, facials are best to have when your skin is at its natural and normal condition.  This normal condition will allow the skin therapist to really get a feel for your skin’s composition, texture, and tone.

Q:  My facial includes extractions, what are those?
A:  Extractions are done by skin therapists after the skin has been properly prepped and cleansed.  Our skin therapists use nothing but their fingers to perform this task.  Your skin therapist will bring any free and unnatural radicals that are in your pores to the surface, leaving your skin clean inside and out.

Q:  Do you use recirculatory water or chairs during pedicure services?
A:  No, we don’t.  Although those chairs can be awfully comfy, we pride ourselves on our sanitation system.  We use portable fiberglass bowls and sanitize them before and after every service.  We put fresh water in them each time… Your feet will thank you later.