Need Orlando Body Treatments? New Scrub and Butter Scents Now at The Spa!

Checking our Orlando body treatments?

At The Spa, our Orlando body treatments will get you in ship-shape from head to toe!

Our scrub and butter bar just got a little yummier. We now offer new scents in our body scrubs and body butters!   The carribean and southern flares combine to make our Mango Peach scent. This scent brings you the sweet smell of fresh tree ripe peaches and juicy mango. We also have the Aloe & Green Tea scent that has a calming smooth aroma. Our Gardenia Rose scent is here just in time for spring and gives you a sweet floral combination of two of the most fragrant flowers. The last scent to round out our new scrubs and butters is the Hawaiian Holiday scent. The fragrance of this butter and scrub smells just like its title, a beautiful soft aroma of a much-needed Hawaiian vacation with hints of pineapple and coconut.

Don’t take our word for it, come in and sample the body scrubs and butters that are a part of our Orlando body treatments, today. Better yet, buy a scrub or body butter to be used in your spa service and take the rest home with you! Visit The Spa for more details.