Mother’s Day Do’s and Dont’s

Do not buy her new cooking appliances, a vacuum, or other household accessories.  Of course she’ll smile—give you hugs and kisses, and tell you she loves it—but you may be implying the she now has more work to do than before.

Do not buy her workout equipment; treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc.  It might say, “Hey babe—I love you, but you could look better.”

Do not wait until the last minute!!  Us women can see right through that. Give us something that we would normally not spend the money on for ourselves.

Do not get Mom bubble bath or candles.  Just don’t.  That’s a gift you would give to a grade school teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Do not give her homemade gift certificates, waivers, and coupons.  They are perfect for small children, but a major don’t for teens and husbands.  It’s HER day anyways; you should be treating her like a Queen.  She shouldn’t have to redeem a flimsy piece of paper to have help around the house.

Do give her a gift certificate or package to a day spa—And while you’re at it, why not make it our spa.  The Spa is offering four distinct packages this May 8th, sure to make any mother feel loved, appreciated, spoiled, and cared for.   Check out the Mother’s Day menu under our “Monthly Specials” tab.