Massage in the Modern World

     Over the years, massage has become one of the most popular treatments in spas. The earliest civilizations, from Ancient Rome to Mesopotamia, used massage as a way of relieving pain and ailments. Massages today are still performed in strictly medical settings for the purpose of healing. However, most massages today are booked mostly as a way of relaxation and for the sake of enjoying the service, and the beneficial effects on muscles serve as icing on the cake.
     Massages are comprehensive physical interventions involving a range of techniques to manipulate the soft tissues and joints of the body. A massage at a spa will involve touching the skin and manipulating the muscles to relieve tension.
     A massage is truly a benefactor for our bodies; throughout the years stress has become more overwhelming than ever, and our the load we put on our bodies is unrelenting. Many people look for many solutions to relax and unwind from our fast-paced lives, and massage is increasing in popularity every day.
     Massages should only be provided by licensed massage therapist. A licensed massage therapist is an individual who has completed a massage instruction program, passed a state-mandated test and has received a license to show for their knowledge and experience with massage.
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