Learn Whats New With Skin Care- Get Your Glow Back

Let’s face it we have all been victims of the end of summer breakouts and noticeable clogged pores. Or how about  dried-out scaly summer skin? Not only is it uncomfortable, unattractive but most of all, it’s not healthy for our sensitive skin.

With hundreds of skin care products on the market, how do we choose? Most importantly we have to realize not everyone skin care needs are the same. Dermalogica, the nation’s leading skin care products are only sold by professionals and have revolutionized our daily skin care needs.

Their new product Age Smart Overnight Repair Serum, was just released on the market as of September 1st. This overnight serum intensively corrects signs of aging overnight, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

How this overnight serum works:

-Unlike other products on the market, this age serum contains Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 and Alaria Extract. This helps increase collagen renewal, hydration, firmness and dermal strength.

-Argan Oil, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids help restore a weakened barrier layer, lock in moisture and increase elasticity.

– Finally, Rose Hip Seed oil helps minimize discoloration and increase cell renewal.

With summer now over,  it is important to help heal and prevent our skin from aging. The first step begins with knowing what products will work best for you.  Here at The Spa, we recognize that know two skin care needs are the same and offer each client a complementary face mapping. Allowing you to know what products work best for your skin needs.

Let The Spa and their facial skin care experts pamper your damage skin; and help restore months of the hot summer sun, letting you get your glow back!