Join the Half-Off Club at The Spa!

Let’s face it, we are all on a tighter budget these days, but that doesn’t mean that we want to miss out on living life to the fullest! So, what if you could get half off your spa services? You can! (Seriously, keep reading…)

The Spa already has very reasonable, competitive prices on all of its services, and now prices are even better for loyal customers. By joining the newly launched Half-Off Club, you will receive half-off of any of the Half-Off Club one-hour services at any time! That’s right, no more waiting until the last minute to book your service, now you can book any time you want and get half-off.

½ Off Club Services Include:
Any 1 Hour Massage (not couples)
Any 1 Hour Body Treatment
Any 1 Hour Signature Manicure
Any 1 Hour Signature Pedicure
Any 1 Hour Men’s Skin Treatment
Any 1 Hour Dermalogica® Signature Facial

To make the Half-Off Club even more enticing, members also receive:
10% off Dermalogica® Skincare Products
15% off Happy Hour Admission
20% off Waxing Services

To join the ½ Off Club, there is a quarterly $25 fee associated with membership, which is prorated if you join after the first month of the quarter. (The fee is due at the beginning of each quarter, and you can cancel at any time with a 30-day written notice before the next billing cycle, either snail-mailed or electronically mailed to The Spa.)

Before you turn down membership to the ½ Off Club because of the fee, let me remind you of all the savings you will get all year. If you book just one massage at ½ off, you will save almost the equivalent of two quarters of membership fees. Still not enough? We saved the best for last…

In addition to all of the discounts listed above, you will also get one FREE, one-hour service during your birthday month. That’s right, FREE! Go ahead, book a $99 massage for free! Happy Birthday to you – new club member.

See, the membership more than pays for itself. Ready to join? Call now and book your first ½ off service – just tell them you are ready to join the ½ Off Club!