Is reversing those ‘crows feet’ really possible?

Fine lines and ‘crows feet’, otherwise known as wrinkles, appear at the outer corners of the eyes. They are generally the result of years of sun exposure, squinting, laughing and any other facial expression that requires constant muscle movement. As a result of continual UV exposure and everyday pollutants in our environment, the collagen and elastin fibers that keep our skin taut breakdown and weaken overtime.

While aging around the eyes doesn’t typically show until our late 30’s and 40’s, those pesky ‘crows feet’ can start appearing as early as our 20’s. However there’s good news with the launch of Dermalogica’s new Age Reversal Eye Complex cream. Specifically formulated to REVERSE the aging process around the eyes, the product utilizes Retinol to help minimize lines, reduce photoaging and chronological aging of skin tissue, fight bags and under eye circles, while strengthening the blood capillaries around the eye and the tissue to maintain skin firmness.