Gel Manicures are all the rage. Find out why!

Say goodbye to ridiculous drying times, chipping, smudging, and peeling and say hello to a gel manicure. Savvy women everywhere are discovering the long lasting power of gel nail polish. A gel manicure is a ultraviolet-sensitive lacquer that quickly dries to a shiny, nearly indestructible finish under a spa curing lamp in seconds. No more waiting hours after a manicure to be really sure your polish is dry. Plus, gel polish doesn’t chip! Gel polish is much harder and tougher than regular polish. It’s like having a coat of glass instead of a coat of plastic, and in general it lasts much longer than regular polish (10 to 15 days).

This is a must-try for the Florida summer season! It won’t come off in the pool or at the beach, nor will it fade in the sun. With new colors being released all the time, we’ll be able to give you gels for any occasion. Ladies this will be your best new accessory!