Choosing The Right Facial Service For You

a relaxing facial at the spaLooking for a facial Orlando, Orlando facial, or facials in Orlando?

The Spa offers a variety of Orlando facial services and facials in Orlando designed to meet the specific skincare needs of every client.

All of our Orlando facials use Dermalogica products, and every one of our facials in Orlando is personally tailored to meet each client’s individual needs.

All of our facials in Orlando start with the Dermalogica Signature Facial. Our other facials can be thought of as “upgrades” to the Signature Facial, as each will start out more or less the same, but as the facial progresses, will incorporate different products that normally would not be used. The “upgrade” facials are each 70 minutes instead of 60, as the usage of the extra products adds a little bit of time to the service.

Our Dermalogica Signature Facial is just that, our signature Orlando facial service. It is an hour long and is suitable for all skin types. Before your facial begins, you will be asked a few questions about your skin to help your therapist decide which products to use and what to focus on. The facial will start with a cleansing and evaluation. Using Dermalogica products and mixers, your therapist will design a facial that best suits your needs. You will receive a gentle steam bath for your face which will serve to open your pores and relax your skin. Then your therapist will exfoliate your skin and perform extractions. The Dermalogica Signature Facial also includes neck, face, and shoulder massage throughout.

Our Age Smart Treatment is designed to combat signs of aging, whether premature or otherwise. By incorporating a Retin-A based exfoliation, your skin will be left feeling hydrated, smooth, and energized. This is a great Orlando facial if your skin is feeling dry and/or sundamaged and/or just feels like it needs a good refresher.

Our Medibac Clearing Facial is designed to eliminate acne. This is one of the best deep-cleansing Orlando facials that uses specialized products to slow sebum production, clear bacteria and reduce inflammation. This facial will promote skin clarity and leave your skin feeling calm and clean. This treatment is also available as a back treatment.

Our Ultracalming Facial is designed to treat inflammation and sensitive skin, which can lead to redness and soreness. The Ultracalming Facial uses our ultracalming complex which is clinically proven to control multiple causes of sensitivity and inflammation. The complex will also help restore some of the skin’s natural protective barrier, which will help your skin protect itself.

We also offer a 30-minute Express Facial which is essentially a condensed version of the Dermalogica Signature Facial. The goal with the Express Facial is to leave your skin glowing and healthy even when you don’t have time for a full hour long service.