Champagne and Rose Seasonal Services!

What do a glass of champagne and a red rose have in common? For starters, they both make great treats on Mother’s Day or any special occasion. But here at The Spa, they’re both key ingredients in our newest seasonal services. We could gush all day about just how amazing the aroma of champagne and rose is, but nothing can quite compete with experiencing it for yourself.

And what exactly do these two items do for you? Just as a glass of champagne can really hit the spot on a hot day, our champagne and rose products will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. The subtly sweet rose fragrance will lift you up and the champagne aroma will tantalize you.

The buttercream is the ultimate hydrating treatment with a powerful blend of shea butter, vitamin A, C & D and grapeseed oil. This amazing moisturizer is a client favorite, with its light fragrance and silky finish. The champagne and rose cream can be used after the scrub for even more rich results. A champagne and rose addon can be added to any type of service, and will leave your feet smooth and refreshed.

We also have a seasonal champagne and rose pedicure for those looking for a full-length aromatic treatment. Grape-derived enzymes will gently peel the top layer of skin to reveal smooth, luxurious skin underneath. The champagne and rose pedicure is topped off with all the same products as our seasonal add-on, which means you won’t miss out on the champagne and rose butter cream.

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