“But I Thought All Massages Were Therapeutic?” – A Guide to Choosing a Massage

Here at The Spa, we offer five main types of massage. While all share some elements key to all massages (for example, each massage does have therapeutic benefits, although only one massage bears the name “deep tissue therapeutic”), each one is unique and designed with a different purpose in mind. When choosing a massage, it is best to think about what you want out of the experience overall and not worry about the details, as the massage therapist can take any specific requests into account in order to tailor the massage to exactly your tastes.

Without further ado, the five types of massages:

Swedish Massage – Also known as a “classic massage”, the Swedish massage is a relaxing type of massage which uses five long, flowing strokes to deliver a relaxing and stress-relieving massage. Swedish massage is very good for circulation and joint pain, and is often the choice of those who wish to simply relax and enjoy their time.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic – This massage is sometimes called by a diminutive name, such as “deep therapeutic” or simply “deep tissue” or “therapeutic massage.” This is definitely the massage of choice of many athletes and others who experience muscle pains often. The deep tissue therapeutic massage focuses on relieving muscle tension not only at the deeper levels, but also on the surface. The deep tissue therapeutic massage also includes a bit of assisted stretching at the end in order to increase oxygen supplies in the muscles after the massage. Oftentimes, those who receive a therapeutic massage will feel slight muscle aches for a couple days after the service, but this is normal and subsides quickly, leaving muscles feeling invigorated afterwards.

Aromatherapy – The aromatherapy massage is similar in many ways to the Swedish massage in that it is focused around relaxation and slower kneads, although the strokes are slightly shorter than in the Swedish. The real difference, however, is in the aromatherapy massage’s use of extracts and essential oils to aid in the efficacy of the massage. Choose between a stress relief and energizing aromatherapy massage, and your therapist will choose the aromatherapy blend that matches your needs.

Hot River Stone Massage – The hot river stone massage is more or less exactly what the name says, it’s a massage that also utilizes smooth stones which have been cleaned thoroughly and then heated in a tub of hot water. The stones are then used not in the way that some would expect, rather than being used as a tool for kneading, the stones are placed on your body in places where the heat promotes circulation. The stones are at various times moved about, and as they are moved across your body, the heat and slight pressure provides for a very relaxing sensation.

Mommy-to-Be Massage – The Mommy-to-Be Massage, also commonly called a prenatal massage, is probably the only “exclusive” massage in that it’s the only massage that only certain people are eligible for. The certain people, in this case, are expectant mothers. Mommies-to-be that are past the first trimester (during the first trimester all massage should be avoided) are able to get the mommy-to-be massage, thanks to our prenatal pillow. This specially designed pillow allows an expectant mother to lie on her front while simultaneously relieving pressure on her back. Carrying a baby on your belly is no easy task, so expectant mothers, don’t be afraid to relax for a bit and reward all your hard work with a mommy-to-be massage!

Couples’ Massages – All our massages are available as couple’s treatment. It is even possible to do a couple’s massage in which the two participants get different types of massages (This works well for mommy-to-be massages!). To book a couple’s massage, simply call in and book the way you would any other massage, but mention that you want to do a couple’s massage. We will find availability for you and get your appointment set up just as simply as a single-person massage.