A Special Birthday Gift for that Special Someone!

If you are like the rest of us, when it comes to birthdays for that special someone in your life, you want to make it count! You want to come up with something original, something they wouldn’t normally treat themselves to and something they will use. (No one wants to give the dreaded gift that just sits there!)

While it is no secret that spa treatments always make for a nice gift for the ladies, it is a lesser known fact that when men actually get into a spa, they love it too! Sometimes the trick, however, is to get them there. A couple years ago, I gave my husband a gift certificate for a massage. He seemed to really like the idea when he opened it, but almost a year later, he had yet to redeem the certificate. (I on the other hand, would have redeemed it the next week.) It wasn’t that he didn’t like the idea of a massage; it was that he couldn’t bring himself to carve time out of his day to do something for himself – even though it was paid for. Eventually, because the certificate was expiring, he went for his massage and spent the next couple of weeks telling anyone who would listen how great it was. In the end it was a success, but I wasn’t going to run out and buy him another massage.

This year, I had a revelation. Instead of giving my husband an open-ended gift certificate, I would go ahead and book a massage for him. Furthermore, I would book a couples massage. This would turn my simple gift of a massage into a massage event that we could do together. (Paired with lunch and/or a movie – it would be a whole day celebration!)

I didn’t tell the birthday boy what I was up to until the day of – this way it was a still a surprise, and he was thrilled. It was a neat thing to do together and a fun way to celebrate his day. Of course, the massages at The Spa were fantastic and we enjoyed sipping on OJ and relaxing before our massage.

While I gave this treat to my husband, a couples massage isn’t just for “couples.” A day at the spa together makes an excellent gift for mothers, sisters, daughters and friends too! So, this year when you are thinking about birthday gifts for that special someone who is hard to shop for in your life, consider booking a couples massage. Not only will your friend thank you, but you will get a nice massage too!