A Sleep Room? What it is and why it matters.

Wouldn’t it be nice to lay down and take a nice power nap after your massage, instead of heading back out into the busy world? Well you can! Here at The Spa we have a a ultra cozy sleep room.

What is a sleep room you ask? A sleep room is a place you can go before or after you service and relax, unwind, and, yes, sleep. Just draw back our lovely draperies and take that extra time needed to help you destress.

We have two extremely comfortable beds for your optimal resting experience. All of our premium members get four hours of sleep room time per year for free.

Feel free to take one of our complimentary drinks in with you as you rest. The Spa offers spritzers, mimosas, poinsettias and champagne, as well as red and white wine, many different types of coffee, teas and juices.

So next time you visit with us request the sleep room and get in a few extra z’s.