5 Healing Benefits of Massage Therapy

There’s more to receiving a massage than just relaxing and de-stressing. The benefits of massage therapy are vast and diverse, from relief from Insomnia to quickening the recovery time from surgery.

Relief from Insomnia: Lots of anecdotal evidence — and some research on chronic fatigue — supports the idea that a good massage can lead to a good night’s sleep. Medical facilities including the Mayo Clinic and South Miami Hospital use bedside massage to help patients relax and sleep more easily.

Calm a Headache: Massage decreases cortisol, the stress hormone that can tighten muscles, triggering a tension headache. Studies show simple neck and shoulder massage reduced both the number of chronic headaches people suffered from and how long each one lasted.

Soothe a Backache: Moderate massage can help relieve lower-back pain, but for intense pain in a limited area, consider reflexology, a therapy in which specific points on the foot are massaged, helping the back.

Cut Carpal Tunnel Pain: Massage can prevent and reduce the pain of this repetitive stress injury. In one study the combination of weekly treatments by a massage therapist and self-massage reduced pain and increased grip strength.

Heal After You Have Surgery: A 2007 survey of hospitals with massage-therapy programs found that 71 percent of them offered massage to patients for stress management and comfort and more than two-thirds for pain management. Bedside massages are routine care for cardiac and colorectal surgical patients at the Mayo Clinic; some breast-cancer patients at Scripps Memorial, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, and the University of Texas; some presurgery patients at Duke; and those in the Palliative Care Unit at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

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