3 Reasons Why Massages at The Spa Make the Best Christmas Gift!

Everyone loves a good massage to relieve stress, right? Well, if you think otherwise, here are 3 good reasons to change your mind.
  1. Massages are stress relievers – The holidays can be very stressful. Not only the holidays, but let’s just say the entire 2014 had some stressful times. A massage at College Park’s, The Spa is the perfect gift and allows you to push the restart button on relaxation. We offer all types of massages from Swedish to Aromatherapy to help give the gift of “relate, relax and release”.
  2. They get the kinks out – For that special person who is constantly complaining about that nagging pain…yep, a massage can help with that! Our therapists are trained to help get rid of those awful aches and pains by loosening your muscles with different massage techniques. Be the hero that you are and give the gift of a deep tissue massage to your tense friend. They will thank you later!
  3. Everyone loves a massage – This is true! Probably almost everyone you know loves to get a massage. Teenagers who play sports can use it. People who sit at desks all day will definitely appreciate it. Let’s be honest, not many people treat themselves to a spa service, so many of your loved ones are well overdue for their spa day. A massage at The Spa can go to almost anyone on your holiday gift list!