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We’ve got dozens of Orlando nail salon services to choose from. The Spa offers signature packages and services that you won’t find at another nail salon. This includes our use of the latest equipment and techniques to give you the most relaxing experience during your spa manicure or spa pedicure.

New Dazzle Dry Polish

Dazzle Dry delivers a nail care system that is both non-toxic and hypo allergenic, making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin types.  Dazzle Dry’s four-step nail care system delivers quick-drying, long-lasting nails without the use of abrasive chemicals or UV lighting.

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Most Popular Nail Salon Services

Signature Manicure

In our Signature Manicure, your nails are shaped and buffed, then your cuticles are contoured to your satisfaction. After which we fully exfoliate the arms and hands using our seasonal scrub, apply a soothing masque and give you a relaxing massage. The Spa’s seasonal butter then replenishes moisture to your skin, all finished with the OPI polish of your choice.

Signature Pedicure

We begin this restoring pedicure by shaping your nails and contouring your cuticles. We then exfoliate your calves and feet using our seasonal scrub, followed by hydration restoration using our seasonal butter. Of course, we finish your pedicure with the OPI polish of your choice.

Gel Nail Treatments

Polish Changes

Get 50% Off Monthly Manicures & Pedicures!

If you love relaxing at The Spa and enjoying on of our signature nail treatments, make it a monthly treat. A nail membership is only $46 per month!

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New! Upgrade Your Nail Service!

$15 Upgrade

Designed with ultimate tranquility and relaxation in mind, our new spa
experience offers manicures and pedicures done in zero-gravity
loungers in your own private room. Ergonomically shaped loungers are
designed to elevate your legs, lowering the stress from your heart and
increasing proper circulation throughout your body. Music players with
headphones will be provided to block out ambient noise and promote
meditation as the loungers send vibrations, tuning both body and mind.

Before beginning, you are given the opportunity to customize your
experience by choosing salt soak, sugar scrub, mud masque, and massage
butter from assorted scents. Serenity is required, so staying
unplugged is a must while you receive 60 minutes of leisure. Achieving
true relaxation and bliss while being pampered in peace and quiet
makes this a must try experience.

$35 Upgrade

If you would like to upgrade your tranquility, add on a 30 minute hand, foot, and shoulder reflexology.

Upgraded nail service cannot be booked online. Call (407) 898-7737 to schedule.

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